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I wish I had invented blue jeans…They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes. – Yves Saint Laurent

Blue jeans are a wardrobe staple. Comfortable, easy-going, classic. Lately I’ve been searching for a new pair of jeans. But looking at the different types and prices, I’ve been wondering, “Does a $250 pair of jeans really look and fit better than a $50 one?”

For years, I lived in American Eagle jeans.  They’re reasonably priced, available at my local mall and come in a variety of styles.  The fact that they’re available in “Short” lengths up to size 14 is also great.  But, in 2012, I read this article about the treatment of workers in Bangladesh. The article specifically listed American Eagle as one of the brands produced by Bangladeshi workers facing mistreatment and ever since I’ve felt little uncomfortable spending my money at the store.

But now, it’s been awhile since I’ve bought new jeans and it’s getting about time to replace the more worn-out pairs in my closet. After looking at the brands worn by a number of other fashion bloggers, I’ve begun to wonder – would it be worth it to pay more?

To answer this question, I’ve decided to review and compare jeans in this series of posts – some cost effective brands (Old Navy, H&M), some mid-range (Ann Taylor/LOFT, Zara), and some more high-end (7 For All Mankind, J Brand, Rag and Bone).  Ideally, I’ll come out with at least one great new pair of jeans and we’ll both learn something about whether the price tag is really worth it.

Nyk’s Note:  I don’t have specific information about the production or worker treatment about any of the brands I will be reviewing nor I am intending to turn this blog into a critique of production methods in the fashion industry.  The purpose of this blog is and will continue to be about finding clothes for petite and curvy women.  However, I do want to open up the comments to others who have similar qualms about supporting designers or stores that go against your personal beliefs. Please feel free to share your own experiences or thoughts. 

Today’s Review:  LOFT 

*** LOFT JEANS SALE  – $20 OFF online – NO CODE NEEDED. ***

I tried three styles of jeans at LOFT – all were Petite Sizing.


Petite Curvy Boot Cut Jeans

First, please ignore my latest attempt at button-down shirts. I should have listened to my own advice from a few posts ago and just left it on the rack.

The jeans, however, are the Petite Curvy Boot Cut Jeans in dark wash.  These were a 31/12.  LOFT has done away with traditional “00-14+” sizing in favor of “waist sizing” so most of their pants list sizes as both, i.e. “31/12”, “30/10”, etc.

Pros:  Looser fit, especially through the thighs and backside.  Dark wash could be really nice for a dressier look.

Cons: The first thing I noticed was that these were rather loose all over, especially in the waist.  In addition to the looseness, the jeans were also “stretch” style and so I would recommend sizing down to anyone thinking about buying them.  The length was ok. They were still a little longer than I might want them, if I was going to wear them with flats.  They would be fine with heels though, I think.  Anyone shorter than 5’1″ or so may need to consider having them hemmed further.



LOFT Skinny Jeans

This pair is the Petite Skinny Jean in a size 31/12.

Pros:  Nice dark wash, length hit just below my ankle giving me enough length to cuff them for a different look if I want to but not too long to wear with flats.

Cons:  Tighter fit throughout – particularly through the thighs.  This pair didn’t fit badly in the waist but was very tight in the thighs.  I would be cautious ordering if you have thicker thighs, wider hips and a smaller waist.  They have a bit of a stretch to them which helps some and makes them a bit more comfortable.  But I would definitely be a little uncomfortable in these jeans, personally.  


LOFT Relaxed Skinny Jeans (The exact wash pictured isn’t available online)

This pair was far and away my favorite of the ones I tried on, and I’ve been thinking about going back for them ever since I tried them on.  These are LOFT’s Relaxed Skinny Jeans.  I’m wearing a size 30/10 in the pictures, and to be honest, I was more than surprised that they even fit.  They were out of stock in the 31/12 but I might look at other stores in my area to see if I get a better look with the larger size.

Pros:  I expected these to be tight or uncomfortable and they were loose-fitting and – as expected – relaxed.  They were particularly comfortable throughout the thighs, which was a welcome change.  This pair didn’t have the stretch feel of the other two jeans but I didn’t feel that I needed the extra stretch.  If you are pear shaped, or have thicker thighs, I would definitely recommend giving these jeans a try.

Cons:  Because I sized down, the jeans ended up looking more like regular skinny jeans, even though they felt more relaxed.  However, they fit well in the waist.  I am hoping to find the 31/12 at another store but am concerned that it will be too big in the waist.  Also, this is a style and wash that would only be well suited to a more casual jeans look.