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This post will probably be a bit more wordy than some of my others, but as I continue to search for cute, professional attire in sizes that might actually fit my body type, I thought I would share some of my recent frustrations.

As someone who mostly wears size 10-12 petite, I frequently feel “stuck in the middle”.  I am not quite small enough to fit into most of the larger petite sizes that stores carry, but at the same time I am not quite big enough to be plus size.  When you add in the fact that I have more of an hourglass shape, then finding flattering clothing becomes a bit more challenging still.

Lately, I have been searching the web for some new clothing designers.  Things that I haven’t seen before or designs that may better suit my personal style. I would like to share two sites that I have found that have nice style.  In both cases, I’ve hesitated in placing an order because I fall just outside their size ranges and would likely need to tailor anything I bought.


Motto/Style Type:   “Great British Style”;  classic, clean designs;

Pros:  Many of Boden’s designs fit perfectly into my personal style. They have a timeless feel to many of their designs. I also think that many of the dresses and skirts would look great on someone with curves.

Cons:  While they carry regular and long sizes up to size 16-18 and although they carry a petite collection, their petite sizes only go up to a size 10. They have a size comparison chart on their website and based on what I have bought and worn from other stores, and their chart states that I would probably wear a Petite 12, which is unavailable for all of the items I looked at. Also, the prices are a bit high for me personally, given that I would likely have to spend more to have any item I purchased tailored. However, they have some really cute things that I would consider if the price and size were right.

My Favorites:

Boden 1From Left to Right:  Elena Dress;  Natalia Dress; Isla Dress


Motto/Style-Type:   “Your destination for contemporary fashion – sizes 14-24”; modern, fashion-forward, great for people who like to be trendsetters to who like to try new things;

Pros:  Eloquii has some wonderful designs for larger sizes. It’s great to see a design company really thinking about what looks good women with different figures. It’s frustrating how often companies seem to think that creating clothes with the same design in different sizes is going to look just as good on all figures.

Cons:  Eloquii doesn’t have a petites department at all. Also, their sizes start at size 14, so I am slightly smaller than most of their clothing and would need to have almost everything tailored down. Finally, their styles vary from professional to very edgy or more edgy than I feel comfortable in my personal style. For me, it was hit or miss as to the attractiveness and design of their pieces.

My Favorites:

eloquii 1

From Left to Right: Double Peplum Sheath Dress; Double Knit Ribbed Flare Top; Floral Flounce Skirt (on sale for $16)

I may end up trying something from either Boden or Eloquii and paying for tailoring after all.  But, I am hoping that continued searching will lead me to clothing and designers that have clothes in more size options – particularly those for petite women with curves.

What are your fashion frustrations?  Share in the comments and I will respond with any resources I have come across.