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Jeans: Old Navy “The Sweetheart” Skinny in Rinse (Size 12 Short); Shirt:  Old Navy Perfect V-Neck

Happy Monday!  For the second review in this series, (to see the first, click here) I stopped at Old Navy and tried on a few different types and sizes of their jeans.

Old Navy surprised me because they had specifically had their jeans arranged by body type. They had three different body types identified: “The Flirt” a low rise jean for women with straighter hips and thinner thighs, “The Diva” a mid-rise cut for women with some curves, and “The Sweetheart” which has a higher waistline and was designer for curvy women. They also carry jeans in store in “Short,” “Regular,” and “Tall” and have “Petite” available on their website. Finally, my store had up to size 18 in store, and I’m seeing up to size 20 online and size 16 petites.

I opted to try on jeans in sizes 10 and 12 (all short length).

The Diva Skinny


Jeans:  Old Navy “The Diva” Skinny in New Rinse (Size 12 Short); Shirt:  Old Navy Perfect V-Neck

Pros:  I like that these jeans were long enough to cuff over booties but not too long that I couldn’t bunch them around by ankles and wear them un-cuffed. I was nervous trying on the “semi-curvy” fit, but was surprised to find that – although the jeans were snug – they weren’t skin-tight and they weren’t uncomfortable. I don’t think that I would buy these, but they weren’t awful either.

Cons:  These were tight in unexpected places – like around my calves.  Also, I could definitely feel the difference between these and the other “curvier” cuts that I tried on below.  I grabbed both a size 10 and size 12 to try on in these, and I didn’t even bother to try the 10.


The Sweetheart Bootcut


Jeans: Old Navy “The Sweetheart” Bootcut in Authentic (Size 12 Short); Shirt: Old Navy Perfect V-Neck

Pros:  I was really surprised by how much I liked these jeans. I’ve read multiple times about the benefits of bootcut jeans for curvy figures, but I typically have mixed feelings about them. I really did feel great in these, though. They were comfortable, and I had enough room in the thighs without huge gaps around my waist. They have a bit of a higher waist, but I found that surprisingly flattering. Under a shirt, the higher waist made my stomach look flatter and more smooth. Overall, I really liked these.

Cons:  Even for a “short” length, they were a little long. In this picture, I am wearing booties with 3-4 inch heels. In flats, I am a bit worried that these jeans would drag. Also, I ended up buying these jeans and I learned that they did stretch out a bit more quickly than I would have liked. It only took me about a day and a half before I had a little bit more space around my waist than I would have liked and the legs were looser as well. It would be nice if they held their shape and fit for longer than one partial day’s wear.


The Sweetheart Skinny


Jeans: Old Navy “The Sweetheart” Skinny in Rinse (Size 10 Short); Shirt: Old Navy Perfect V-Neck

Note: I tried these on in two different sizes – size 10 and size 12.  I’ll try to note if I’m referring to a specific size.  

Pros:  These definitely fit better and were more comfortable than The Diva.  I had more room generally throughout the legs and didn’t have the weird tightness in the calves that I did with The Diva.  Again, I like that the length is a bit longer – giving me room to cuff the bottoms over heels or booties.

Cons:  I had trouble figuring out which size I would pick because I felt like for me, personally, I was in between a size 10 and a size 12.  With the size 10, it was tighter in the waist and thighs and created a bit of an unsightly “muffin-top”.  However, with the 12 (pictured at the top of the page) it fit well throughout the legs and thighs, but I had a bit too much extra space in the waist band.  After my experience with the Sweetheart Bootcut jeans, I would be hesitant to buy jeans from Old Navy that already had a bit of space in them.  It would be too easy for them to stretch out to the point of unflattering.


So far, Old Navy vs. LOFT:  I would probably pick LOFT for skinny jeans. Overall, they looked and felt better.   But, I really liked the look and feel of the Bootcut at Old Navy (much to my surprise).  I’m looking forward to future findings.