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Happy Wednesday!  Two things have happened lately:

First – I’ve been watching a lot of “Once Upon a Time.”  I don’t watch a lot of television – but this show is is kind of my guilty pleasure.  I like to see how they cast my favorite fairy tale and cartoon characters from childhood – whether they pick someone that looks like I imagined they would.


Second – I got a haircut.  A haircut that was nothing like I thought it would be when I went to the salon.  I had every intention of getting blondish highlights and a trim. But, somehow, the stylist managed to talk me into cutting 5-6 inches off and an all-over brunette color. (Photos Soon to Come.)

Why are these two things related?

Because after I got home from the salon, feeling somewhat disappointed with my hair and wondering what I was thinking, I made some dinner and turned on an episode of Once Upon a Time.  Then, as I watched, I realized, that the “Evil Queen” also had a short brunette style that was kind of similar to mine – and a pretty amazing (and professional) fashion sense.

After spending a bit more time thinking about this, I have decided to embrace her personal style a bit more and incorporate it with my own.  As I mentioned in the first post, my goal for this blog is about finding clothes that fit and also about developing a personal style that works for my body type.  Here are some of the key elements I plan to incorporate and will be on the lookout for in the next few months:

1) A Fitted Trenchcoat


2) Unique Sheath Dresses in Solid Colors


4) Structured Blazers and Jackets with Interesting Details or Colors


4) Simple Accessories in Basic Metals


Readers:  If you could steal any TV character’s wardrobe, and have it show up in your closet, magically tailored perfectly for you, who would it be?  


*Photo Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any of the photos used in this post.  I claim no credit for them and they are being used for demonstration purposes only.