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The Mexican Roll – EJ Sushi

Hello there! –

This was one of my posts from “The Alimentarian” that I’m migrating over to this blog before closing that down.  I reviewed a sushi restaurant called EJ sushi in Chicago’s West Loop.  Here are the details:

EJ Sushi

1406 W. Grand Ave.

Chicago, IL

Transit:  Pink/Green Lines – Approximately .6 Miles from the Ashland Stop

What We Loved:

EJ had a great variety of sushi/sashimi/nigiri/etc. to choose from, as well as some new unexpected options.   Everything we ordered was put together with good quality ingredients and all of the rolls were tightly put together.

Also, we didn’t take advantage of it this time, because we chose to drive, but EJ is a BYOB restaurant with no corkage fee.  (And there’s an organic grocer next door that sells beer and wine, in case you forget!)


Cucumber salad came included with dinner. 


To be honest, we didn’t have many.  Two possible negative takeaways:

1) We told the serving staff that our table had food allergies involving soy and peppers and asked that they please leave all sauces on the side, etc., but the plates were still garnished with Sriracha mayo and eel sauce (which contains soy).  It wasn’t touching the sushi, however, so we were able to eat around it with little difficulty.


2) We were able to enjoy this meal, order pretty much anything we wanted, and stay within budget because I had ordered a Groupon for this restaurant a few weeks ago.  Otherwise, this restaurant, like most sushi places, can get a little pricey.

What we Ordered:

Sushi Rolls:

sushi plate

I got so caught up with how good the food was – that I forgot to take a picture before we ate some! 

  • Alaska – Smoked Salmon, Avocado, Crab
  • Chicago Fire – Escolar/White Tuna, Salmon, Tuna, Avocado, (Sauce on Side)
  • Mexican Roll – Mix of Seaweed Salad and Spicy Tuna Inside, Avocado Around, Topped with Cilantro, Jalapeno & Sauces
  • Ocean – Tempura Shrimp Inside, Tuna, Crunchy, & Tobiko on Top
  • Rainbow – California Roll Inside, Topped with Salmon, Escolar/White Tuna, Tuna, Shrimp

Nigiri (2 Piece):


  • Escolar/White Tuna
  • Tamago/Egg


I would definitely recommend checking out EJ Sushi if you are in the West Loop. They have good quality sushi, a nice variety to choose from, all in a small-medium sized venue.