Southern Sundress: Before & After


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NCAlterations 1

Dress:  Old Navy Strapless Flower-Print Dress; Sweater:  The Limited Banded Bolero Sweater; Shoes: Nine West Oliva Heels (Old) (Similar Here)

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Blue Jeans Review No. 2


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Jeans: Old Navy “The Sweetheart” Skinny in Rinse (Size 12 Short); Shirt:  Old Navy Perfect V-Neck

Happy Monday!  For the second review in this series, (to see the first, click here) I stopped at Old Navy and tried on a few different types and sizes of their jeans.

Old Navy surprised me because they had specifically had their jeans arranged by body type. They had three different body types identified: “The Flirt” a low rise jean for women with straighter hips and thinner thighs, “The Diva” a mid-rise cut for women with some curves, and “The Sweetheart” which has a higher waistline and was designer for curvy women. They also carry jeans in store in “Short,” “Regular,” and “Tall” and have “Petite” available on their website. Finally, my store had up to size 18 in store, and I’m seeing up to size 20 online and size 16 petites.

I opted to try on jeans in sizes 10 and 12 (all short length).

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Stuck in the Middle: Brand Reviews and Recent Frustrations


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This post will probably be a bit more wordy than some of my others, but as I continue to search for cute, professional attire in sizes that might actually fit my body type, I thought I would share some of my recent frustrations.

As someone who mostly wears size 10-12 petite, I frequently feel “stuck in the middle”.  I am not quite small enough to fit into most of the larger petite sizes that stores carry, but at the same time I am not quite big enough to be plus size.  When you add in the fact that I have more of an hourglass shape, then finding flattering clothing becomes a bit more challenging still.

Lately, I have been searching the web for some new clothing designers.  Things that I haven’t seen before or designs that may better suit my personal style. I would like to share two sites that I have found that have nice style.  In both cases, I’ve hesitated in placing an order because I fall just outside their size ranges and would likely need to tailor anything I bought.

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Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On: Review & Compare No. 1


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I wish I had invented blue jeans…They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes. – Yves Saint Laurent

Blue jeans are a wardrobe staple. Comfortable, easy-going, classic. Lately I’ve been searching for a new pair of jeans. But looking at the different types and prices, I’ve been wondering, “Does a $250 pair of jeans really look and fit better than a $50 one?”

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Layers and Layers: Transitioning from Summer to Fall


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Wrap Dress 1

Dress:  H&M Wrap Dress (old – similar below); Jacket:  Limited Collection Two-Button Jacket in Black; Tank Top:  H & M Jersey Camisole Top;  Shoes: Nine West (old – similar here)

It seems like it became fall overnight here.  One day it was 80 degrees and sunny and the next it was 50 with a chill in the air.  With the sudden transition, I haven’t truly gotten a chance to unpack my warm clothes yet.   I’m using layers, however, to create warmer outfits that transition into fall without having to unpack the full winter gear.

One of my favorite things to wear with layers is this wrap dress.

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NY Fashion Week 2014: Petite & Curvy Style


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New York Fashion Week is just wrapping up and there have been some beautiful new designs shown on the runways.

But runway models aren’t built like petite and curvy girls.  A design is going to look completely different on a 5 foot or 5’2″ frame with curves than it does on the 5’10” model that wore it on the runway, and it’s not always going to look good.  How can you choose and adapt runway styles to work with your figure?

Here are three suggestions for taking “Ready to Wear” fashion and making it “Ready to Wear Well”:

1) Don’t forget your figure when considering trends.  Like in my last post about button-down shirts – as trendy or popular as loose, drapey, or unfitted outfits may be – they won’t necessarily look great on every figure.   Those styles, in particular, tend not to look good on curvy girls.  Like with my button-down experience – they tend to make us look boxy and larger than we really are.

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Fashion Divorce: The Traditional Button-Down Shirt


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Clockwise from upper left: Banana Republic Fall 2014 Collection (Upper left Corner); JCrew Fall 2014 Collection (Center); Banana Republic Fall 2014 Collection (Upper Right Corner); White House Black Market Iconic Collection (Lower Right Corner); LOFT Fall 2014 Collection (Lower Left Corner); 

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